LOOKING TO PRAISE AND WORSHIP JESUS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD. 18 No man has ever seen God at any time; the only unique Son, or the only begotten God, Who is in the bosom [in the intimate presence] of the Father, He has declared Him [He has revealed Him and brought Him out where He can be seen; He has interpreted Him and He has made Him known].

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Gayla assumes there are seven interesting things to know about us! This could be difficult!

1) I grew up in Long Beach, California and lived the life of the Beachboys music

2) I had open heart surgery to correct a birth defect when I was not yet 12 years old in 1965, back when open heart surgery was pretty new.

3) In high school I was a wrestler and a baseball player

4) I left Southern California to go to Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) and never made it back there to live

5) I was “asked to leave” my first seminary for theological reasons

6) My first wife had over 20 brain surgeries for recurring brain tumors over 17 years before dying at age 44

7) I haven’t had a speeding ticket since 1977 when I had my license suspended. (That ’69 Firebird seemed to attract cops like honey attracts flies!)

Will that do?



Blogger Susan said...

Not to get into any theological disagreements or anything, but I definitely don't agree with the title of this post.
Numbers 5 and 7 sure sound like there's "more to the story" - with the most interesting bits left out! Feel free to elaborate...

May 06, 2007 7:14 PM

Blogger Susan said...

By the way, how did you get the photo to post? I can't find a link on the Blogger page when, um, posting a post.

May 06, 2007 7:15 PM

Anonymous bobby grow said...


I grew up in Lakewood, CA (right next to Long Beach, my parents and family are still there); and went to Brethren Christian High School (it would've been in Paramount, CA when you were growing up). Where did you go to high school, let me guess: Milikan, or Poly, or Wilson, or Jordan any of those sound familiar?

I went to Multnomah in OR, and still here; but we're trying to get back to Long Beach, I miss it.

May 06, 2007 9:35 PM

Blogger Baptist Girl said...


It's nice to be able to get to know one another more. I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I also have a brain tumor, but thank the Lord it is a slow growing one.
I would love to hear more about your wife and as Susan said #5 would be interesting to hear more about *S*


PS I posted my 7 interesting things on my site

May 06, 2007 10:16 PM

Blogger Shiloh Guy said...

Hi you guys,

Susan and Cristina, you asked about #5. I graduated from Wheaton at age 20 and knew I was called to ministry so I applied to Talbot Theological Seminary, naively thinking that all seminaries were about the same, like med schools. And, a bunch of my friends were at Biola or Talbot. The dispensationalism with which I grew up went away while I was studying at Wheaton. Also, Wheaton taught me to think and to question my profs when I needed to. I didn't realize that both of these lessons would make me persona non grata at Talbot. Dr. Charles Feinberg invited me to absent myself during my first semester when it became known I was not holding to his perspective of the truth and that I kept debating in class with both students and professors. That's when I went back to Wheaton Grad School.

Bobby, now you know there is an old "wound" that acts up every time eschatology becomes a matter of discussion! I went to Millikan but had many friends at Brethren. When were you there? (I suspect you are much younger than I.) I lived between Clark and Bellflower, and Spring and Willow; right down the street from the Los Altos Drive-In Theaters and a block from the 405. My dad was a prof at LBCC for 35 years and I grew up at Bethany Baptist at Clark and Los Coyotes Diagnal. Did you go to a Brethren church? Or to 1st Baptist Lakewood?

May 06, 2007 10:38 PM

Blogger Shiloh Guy said...


When you are composing your post you will find a little picture icon along the top of the frame next to all the other icons. It's kind of on the right side. If you click on that a browser will come up which you can use to browse through "My Pictures" or wherever you have pics on your computer. Then you can just click on the pic you want and follow all the directions. I'm a computer idiot so I'm sure you will be able to figure it out right away!


May 06, 2007 10:41 PM

Blogger Shiloh Guy said...


I'm so sorry to hear about your brain tumor. I'd really like to know more about it. After spending so many years with the neurosurgeons at our hospital (the chief of neurosurgery is still one of my good friends) I'm kind of like a lay-neurologist! (Don't worry, I won't try and give you any medical advice!) I wonder if my email is on my profile thing? I'll pray for you in the meantime!


May 06, 2007 10:48 PM

Blogger jazzycat said...

Interesting stuff. Maybe you and Mark can have a wrestling match. Uh, on second thought maybe you had better not do that since you are not a weight-lifter.

Since Jazzy posted her seven things on her blog, I will post mine here in turn.


May 06, 2007 10:58 PM

Blogger Bluecollar said...

Cristina, I shall pray, dear sister!

May 07, 2007 7:16 AM

Blogger Jonathan Moorhead said...

Typical Moorhead.

May 07, 2007 12:24 PM

Blogger Shiloh Guy said...

Jonathan, thank you! I'm so honored!

May 07, 2007 5:04 PM

Blogger Craver Vii said...

"...invited me to absent myself..."

You mean it wasn't the old western, cowboy-style (flying out of the tavern)?

May 07, 2007 5:46 PM

Blogger Baptist Girl said...

Hi Dave,
My tumor is a beniegn tumor. I have know about it for about 7 years. I have CT scan every years to keep a close watch on it. My
neurologist says it is the size of a hazelnut. It is in the front lobe and has not caused me an problems yet. It has grown only a bit over this past 7 years. I leave it in the Lord's hands.

Thank you for your prayers and Mark you too.


May 07, 2007 8:49 PM

Blogger Gayla said...

What do ya mean not interesting? More like fascinating. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. Forty four is really quite young. My husband's cousin also died of brain tumor/cancer. His 3 kiddos were so young; it was really sad.

Cristina, I'm glad to know that your tumor is benign.

May 08, 2007 2:01 PM

Blogger Dawn said...

That's great that your birth defect was successfully corrected and you've been able to live a normal life.

I'm sorry to hear about your first wife's passing. I'm sure it was very difficult for you to watch her go through all the surgeries and, I'm sure, uncertainties.

Hmmm. suspended license. Looks like you were a bad boy for a while there.

Cristina, I'm so glad that your tumor is benign.

May 08, 2007 4:56 PM

Blogger Shiloh Guy said...


Normal? Not many of my friends would agree with that!:-)


May 09, 2007 5:10 PM

Blogger Gayla said...

Dave, anyone ever tell you, you resemble Kenny Rogers - that's the younger, pre-facelift Kenny Rogers. LOL!

At least you do in this pic...

May 09, 2007 8:41 PM


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